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What is SaoPaulo 4D?

SaoPaulo 4D is a Brazilian lottery which draws everyday, seven times every week. With its huge jackpot and low cost of entry tickets start from R$ 1. It has become one of the favourite lottery in home. It also have special events, that you can win the chance of super jackpot.


Games have been around longer than most existing religions and many cultural events. Passion for games is so old that it probably goes back as far as prehistoric times.

In Brazil, the first official lottery was created in colonial times, in 1784, when the Captaincy of Minas Gerais organized a draw in order to raise funds to finish constructing the Government buildings and prison in Vila Rica (currently Ouro Preto). The Rio Grande do Sul State lottery is one of the oldest Lotteries in Brazil having been created in 1947 and regulated by Decree No. 1,350 of 15/01/1947.

Brazil Major Lottery

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MegaSena is brazil biggest lottery game run by Caixa Econômica Federal Bank.

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The Quina lottery is one of the only lotteries in the world that is offered six days a week